Submission Terms and Rules

Please read our submission terms and rules before submitting your website. All submissions will be reviewed manually and your submission to DirVille directory does not guarantee that the submitted site(s) will be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any submission that does not pass the requirements of our submission guidelines/terms as well as any website that we deem to be inappropriate for our directory. We also reserve the right to edit submissions or move to appropriate category during the review process to help ensure they meet our guidelines.

The following types of websites will not be included into the directory.

  • Pharm, adult, dating/matchmaking, gambling or duplicate sites.
  • Websites that redirect to another domain.
  • Websites that are under construction.
  • Websites consisting of mostly affiliate links.
  • Websites that offer no value to human visitors.
  • Websites that are deemed offensive or illegal.
  • Websites that contain excessive pop-ups or pop-unders.


Submission Guideline

  • Sites must be complete and accessible to the public.  If it is still under construction, please wait until the all of content has been added before submitting.  Each page listed in the menu should have the content represented by the title and all internal links must be working.
  • The site must have original content.  Mirror sites, duplicate sites, or content copied from another site/source, regardless of whether or not you have a right to that content, may result in the listing being rejected or, if it has been accepted, removed at any time without notice.
  • Template sites that are part of an affiliate scheme and have little or no original content will not be accepted for listing.
  • Sites that sell only one product or are limited to only one or two pages of content will not be listed in the directory.
  • Except for businesses listed in the Independent Business Affiliate section, all business/commercial sites must have at least two forms of contact information on the site. At least one of these should tie to a location: a physical address or a non-toll free phone number.
  • Choose the category that best describes your site and its content. A site submitted to an inappropriate category will be moved to a category as we see best fits. For top-level category listing, featured listing is required.
  • We do not list sites with objectionable content. This includes porn/child pornography, libelous statements, plagiarized material, fraud, racism, vulgarity, gambling/casino, poker/lotteries, warez/ hacking/cracking, racial intolerance against any individual/group/organization, and language intended to incite violence. No refunds are issued for submissions that are related to any of the above content.
  • No refunds are available once your site has been approved and added in DirVille.
  • Affiliate and MLM sites must be submitted to the Independent Business Affiliate section and its subtopics.  Failure to submit sites of this type to this section of the directory may result in the listing being rejected or deleted without notice.
  • The Speed Pass submission is not a means of purchasing an ad or listing.  It is a paid review of your site by a senior staff editor and does not guarantee a listing.